Little Kickers

What is the SYSC Little Kickers Program?

It is a program offered to all U5, U6, U7 and U8 players who want to start and/or further their development in soccer. The recreational program is designed for new/beginning level players looking to be introduced to soccer. This program is aimed to enhance the enjoyment of the players and to show how fun a soccer ball can be to play with. All instruction at this age is based around the technical development of the player. The program consists of quality and fun training sessions that allow players to enjoy the game.

​SYSC is committed to the development of youth at all levels. The program provides training sessions to allow players to further their enjoyment of the game. The curriculum helps the player begin to “master the ball”. Players will become comfortable on the ball and will be encouraged to try new things and be creative. The main focus will be for the player to enjoy the game and to begin developing technical skills. Having fun at training is key, as this will ensure players are developing their love for the game.

Any costs involved?

The Little Kickers program for U5/U6 will cost $150 and U7/U8 will cost $170.  That includes both the fall and spring seasons. The uniform kit will cost $55. The player provides the shin guards, cleats, and soccer ball.  U5-U8 use a size 3 ball. 

Do we play games?

Yes.  Players will have the opportunity to play in games during the weekend at the Kingspoint Complex on Saturdays, Sundays in case of rain make-ups.

How long are practices?  

Typically the practices are 2x a week and last 60-90 minutes.

When does the program start?

Little Kickers will start end of August and end mid-November. The Spring season will kick off the end of  January and will end in March or April. 

Formation of Teams?

U5-U8: Commissioner utilizes a blind draw. Criteria used for forming teams include: appropriate age group, gender, years played, and school attending. The teams are formed equally among these criteria and the number of teams in each age bracket depends upon the number of registered players.

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