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2018-2019 Fees for SYSC Recreational & Competitive Programs

Fees cover the Club’s costs associated with field maintenance, LSA player registration fees, administrative, operational expenses, and insurance.

Recreational teams: fee covers the Fall and Spring season. For the 2018-2019 season, recreational uniforms will be the same as the uniforms used from the fall 2017 through spring 2018 seasons. If you need or want a new recreational uniform, you can order a new one at registration. Thus, if you have a uniform that fits from those years, you do not need to purchase a new uniform. The cost to purchase a recreational uniform is $55.

Academy and Competitive teams: fee covers both Fall and Spring seasons. The competitive uniforms are the same as the 2017-2018 seasons’ uniforms; thus if you have a uniform that fits, you do not need to purchase a new uniform. Uniform fee is in addition to registration fee. It is not added at the time of registration, but is handled directly with the team.

Fees & Services: SYSC Recreational

Fees & Services: SYSC Academy Teams

Fees & Services: SYSC Competitive Teams

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