All fields are OPEN
Tryouts and informational sessions for U9 - U11 teams are taking place as scheduled. Please pardon the field conditions, due to the rain our fields worker has not been able to cut the grass yet.
Age Group Competitive Team Coaches Email
U9 Girls* Troy Teadt teadt@bellsouth.
U9 Boys Green * Joel Sema
U9 Boys White * Angela French

U10 Girls Green *

U10 Girls White *


Steve Bagwell

U10 Boys Green *

U10 Boys White *

Scott Bonson

Tommy Rowley

U11 Girls Green

Ray Masker

U11 Girls White

Bobby Jimenez
U11 Boys Jared Oertling
U12 Girls Ryan Lazaroe

U12 Boys Green

U12 Boys White

Tommy Rowley

Ron Bald

U13 Girls    
U13 Boys Green Tim Donnelly
U14 Girls JB Mahoney

U14 Boys Green

U14 Boys White

Ryan Lazaroe

Nathan Beasely

U15 Girls Chad Albe
U15 Boys Brian Bertram
U16 Girls    
U16 Boys Danny Pearson
U17 Girls Danny Clavier
U17 Boys    

U18 Boys

Nathan Beasley

*Academy Teams



Many thanks to the following for their generous contributions to SYSC teams:


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